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The patented Clean Tent inflatable clean room, can be erected in 15 minutes to give a class 1000 cleanroom. Next day deliver usually available within Europe.

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CLEAN-TENT™ The Clean Room In a Box

• Portable — fits in a suitcase
• Erects in 15 minutes
• Filter options including HEPA and 12VDC for field work
• Airlock entry
• Unique airflow system
• Low capital cost

CLEAN-TENT is a new innovative design concept for cleanroom technology. Intended for users that require temporary clean room facilities, clean storage facilities or portability for on-site work, the CLEAN-TENT covers most user requirements at low capital cost.

Construction is simple. A ground sheet made from anti-static reinforced Tryolla combines with 150mm skirts to create a tough, durable base unit. The one piece top tent is then attached via a zipper. This comprises two compartments: an entry airlock with double zippers for robe and de-robing, plus the main work area which is contained within a high quality PVC cabin. Positive pressure and a constant supply of clean air is provided by a bank of fans mounted on the work cabin wall.

Dependent upon the application, a number of filtration options are offered; from a 40 micron pre-filter and 12 volt DC fans for total portability, to a Class 100 HEPA filter system which effectively turns part of the work area into a high quality laminar flow work station. All systems work on a horizontal laminar flow system, exhausting through user controlled vents in the work cabin entrance and back through the air lock. The design ensures that the work cabin is always positively pressurised with respect to the airlock and similarly the airlock is at a higher pressure than that of the ambient air.

Assembly and erection could not be easier. The ground sheet is rolled out and positioned in the location required. The tent is then rolled out and the zipper attached to the ground sheet. The zipper is then pulled around the skirt of the ground sheet. You’re ready to turn on the air system and inflate! This takes about 7 minutes for the 12V DC fan system. Should the application require it, light weight GRP poles may be added for rigidity and an uninterruptible power supply can be attached to the fan power source as a precaution in case of power failure. After inflation the work cabin can be prepared for the user’s application.



The 225 series.
Designed for the engineer on the move. This tent is totally portable and can be packed into a Pilot type case for carrying onboard an aircraft. It is suitable for single occupancy.

The 675 series.
Our most popular tent. Designed as a two person work cabin and can be
packed into a medium sized suitcase this tent has proved very popular with hi tech capital equipment companies, university departments, nuclear and pharmaceutical applications.

The 1700 series.
This tent is designed as a 6 person work cabin or for clean storage where larger accommodation is required. It is still very portable fitting into two large suitcases. Air systems can be tailored to application. A Turbo Molecular Filter System is fitted as standard.


CLEAN-HOOD Laminar Flow Workstation

When the clean tent is not in use the fan filter units, that inflate and filter the air entering the clean tent, can be incorporated into a laminar flow workstation.

The Fan filter unit consists of an epoxy coated steel air box housing a centrifugal fan and air dampers/baffles. At the back of the box is a 400mm square spigot containing pre filter and ( if required) flange connection for a supply air duct. On the front of the unit is attached the final filter. This determines the quality of the air supplied. The filter is attached to the frame via a neoprene seal and siliconed into place. H14 Class 100 HEPAS are fitted as standard but other options are available upon request.

The fan is controlled by a variable speed rotary dial and on/off switch mounted on the front face of the fan filter unit ( vertical model only). The fan can provide up to 1100 m3/hr through the filter at the industry standard 0.45 m/sec face velocity. This ensures that the air change rate at the work station is very high for the specified Class specification.

The fan filter unit is mounted on top of a 25mm box section steel frame. The frame is enclosed on three sides with clear acrylic sheet, designed to allow as much ambient light into the work station as possible.

Options include - free standing stainless steel workbench, electrical pack, front face tri-fold valence and differential pressure gauge.

Overall dimensions (mm):
— 1200(L) x 600(W) xl 115(H)
Filter size — 1200 x 600 x 85
Filter type — H14 Class 100
Air box size — 1200(L) x 600(W) x 365 (H)

CH600 — 600(L) x 600(W) x 1115(H)
Filter size — 600 x 600 x 85
Filter type - H14 Class 100
Air box size — 600(L) x 600(W) x 365 (H)

Electrical: fan 280W, 23Ovac 50Hz standard. Supply 5A, 23Ovac 50Hz single phase 3 pin plug.

Pre-filter: EU8 polyester pre filter. 400mm x 400mm. Life approximately 4 weeks in lab conditions with continuous fan.

HEPA: H14. Vmax at face = 0.45m/sec Life approximately 5 yeas in lab
conditions with continuous fan

Fan: M.T.B.F. full speed 20,000 hrs continuous

Options: Electrical pack — lights, dado rail,2 x sockets; pressure gauge; front face valence; front face pre filter; external ducting; custom height frame; stainless steel bench.



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