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High density carbon, graphite, carbographite, carbon-carbon-composite materials and components.

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Carbon & graphite overviewMaterial grades and specificationsGraphite heating elements

High Density Carbon & Graphite Materials


High density graphite is a very versatile material, and is used in a wide range of applications. Ceramisis offers a complete range of high density graphites to suit every application where graphite materials are required. Our state of the art CNC manufacturing facility can machine graphite components to the highest tolerances. We can cater for both small quantity and high volume orders.

The main properties of graphite are:

        Ability to withstand very high temperatures up to 2800 C (inert atmosphere or in vacuum)

        Good thermal shock resistance

        Self lubricating

        High compressive strength

        Good chemical resistance

        Dimensionally stable

        Low expansion coefficient

        Strength increases with temperature

        Low friction coefficient

        Electrically conductive

        Will start to oxidise in air at 450 C


The materials properties can be further enhanced by applying impregnations, or coatings. The following impregnations and coatings are available:

        Phosphate impregnation for increased oxidation and wear resistance

        Boron inclusion for increased oxidation and wear resistance

        Metal impregnation for increased strength and reduced porosity

        Resin impregnation for reduced porosity at low temperatures

        Pitch densification for reduced porosity at high temperatures

        Vitreous impregnation to eliminate particles

        Vitreous coating for reduced porosity, eliminate particles and give a highly polished finish

        Pyrolytic Graphite coating for zero porosity and particles, electrically conductive.

        Boron Nitride coating for zero porosity and particles, increased oxidation resistance to 900C in air, electrical insulator.

        Silicon Carbide coating for zero porosity and particles, increased oxidation resistance to 1500C in air, increased chemical resistance, very hard coating, electrical insulator.


As well as high density graphite, Ceramisis can also supply components and material in solid Pyrolytic graphite and Carbon Carbon Composite (Carbon Fibre).


The above materials can be used in the following applications:


        Refractory applications- insulation, furnace furniture, heating elements, crucibles, jigs and fixtures, nuts and bolts, shelves

        Electronics / Semiconductor- susceptors, wafer holders, jigs, electrodes, heating elements, boats / crucibles, ion grids, beam guides

        Optical Fibre Production- Heaters, insulation, liners, clamps

        Continuous Casting- dies

        Mechanical- seals, bearings, wear plates, pump vanes and rotors, pistons

        EDM- electrodes

        Aerospace- seals, bearings, insulation

        Glass Industry- glass handling inserts and guides

        Electrical- brushes, resistors




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