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Boron Nitride machinable self lubricating technical ceramic. Is easily machined using conventional metal working tools.

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East Sussex
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Boron Nitride Grade BN100  & BN200 

Boron nitride is a unique material. it offers outstanding thermal conductivity, excellent dielectric strength, very good thermal shock resistance and is easily Machinable. This material is an advanced synthetic ceramic available in powder, solid, liquid and aerosol spray forms. In an oxidizing atmosphere it can be used up to 900C. However, in an inert atmosphere some grades can be used as high as 3000C. Grades are available with a very low porosity and ultra high strength for use in semiconductor processing applications.

  • General Technical specifications

Material BN100 BN200 Units
Density 1.90 2.2 gm/cc
Porosity. 15.26 0.6 %
Volume resistivity 10E14 10E12 ohm/cm
Coefficient of Thermal expansion 2.95para 0.87 perp 8.0 x 10-6C
Thermal conductivity 27.37 para 30.97 perp 28 x 10-6C
Max use temp. 1800 2200 C
(in oxidizing atmosphere) 850 900 C
Compressive strength 30 113 Mpa
 Hardness. 13.79-18.95   Kg/mm
Specific Heat 1.468 @ 700C 1.96 J/gC
Dielectric Strength. 1700 1700 V/mm
Manufacture Hot Pressed Isostatic HP    
Colour White  White  

If you have a component part you need made or would like pricing on the raw material, contact us by E-mail, Telephone or Fax to discuss. We have years of technical knowledge and experience to help with your applications.




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